As local governments’ digital footprint continues to grow, the LGAQ is making a substantial investment to better support councils which will significantly change the way LGAQ provides digital services to its members.

A new partnership with Jadu, leading global provider of web experience management software and digital services, will give councils access to a world-class content management system.

Jadu powers many of the UK’s local authority websites, including Birmingham City Council, Europe’s largest local authority, and their technology is soon to power the majority of Queensland council websites and intranets.

CEO Greg Hallam said the partnership represents the Association’s fifth, and most significant, technical upgrade.

“The move to partner with Jadu will deliver stability, smart integrations and a whole lot of new capabilities and tools for councils,” Mr Hallam said.

“It’s more than just a website, as the new platform will build connections for councils, empowering teams to tell great local stories and access a growing library of digital resources.

“Councils will have access to new online tools and functionality and can leverage our investments in social media and the big data opportunities being unlocked by LG Sherlock.”

David Evans, Vice President of Jadu and Glen Beckett, General Manager of LGAQ announcing a new partnership to benefit Queensland councils over the coming years.

"The partnership with Jadu is a commitment to the LGAQ's Connect. Innovate. Achieve mantra" - LGAQ President, Mayor Mark Jamieson.