Which content management system (CMS) has been chosen?

The LGAQ has selected Jadu as the new CMS and website hosting provider.

Jadu is a leading global provider of Web Experience Management Software and digital services for the local government sector, working with councils, local and central government authorities as well as higher education institutions across Australia, the US and the UK.

As well as the Jadu Continuum Content Management System, they offer Customer Experience Management (CXM), Digital Forms & Data Capture (XFP) and Content Portal software to help deliver digital services online.

Find out more about Jadu solutions at www.jadu.net/solutions.

The announcement for the new CMS has been made – what happens now?

The LGAQ will arrange a phone meeting with your council to discuss options and what works best for you. We aim to make the migration as seamless as possible for your council and will work with you to tailor a plan.

As part of the migration process, the LGAQ will be conducting training with council staff. This will be free of charge, for a limited group, and will be arranged at a time that suits your team.

The LGAQ is now working with Jadu to establish new architecture and an environment to migrate all council websites. This involves creating scripts and custom functionality to ensure all websites are fit-for-purpose and migrated as smoothly as possible.

What is the target migration date?

The migration date will vary across each council. The LGAQ will work with you to arrange a migration schedule that suits your council needs, to ensure the process is as seamless as possible.

The LGAQ is anticipating all council website migrations will be complete in the 18/19 financial year.

As part of the migration process, the LGAQ will be conducting training with council staff. This will be for a limited group, free of charge and will be arranged at a time that suits your team.

What support and training will be provided?

The LGAQ will be in contact with your council to discuss suitable training arrangements for your team, to coincide with the migration of your council website/s.

Training will be free of charge, for a limited group, and will be arranged at a time that suits your team.

The LGAQ will continue to offer technical support and troubleshooting for the current and new CMS, via phone and online.


What will happen to the content on my council's website?

Councils have the following options for the migration from the current platform to Jadu:

  1. Migrate the current content and design, unchanged (low council resourcing)
  2. (a) Refresh using a templated option – current content (low council resourcing)
    (b) Refresh using a templated option – new content (moderate council resourcing)
  3. (a) Full custom refresh – current content (moderate council resourcing)
    (b) Full custom refresh – new content (considerable council resourcing)

The LGAQ will work with you to determine your council’s needs.

What are the expectations of council for the migration, including resourcing?

The anticipated resourcing expectations for councils will vary depending on the option chosen by council for the migration (see above).

The LGAQ will work with councils to determine what they want from their website/s and how much will be changed as part of the migration.

Depending on the option chosen, it is anticipated councils would be required for any/all of the following activities:

  • Internal consultation within council
  • Develop content (copywriting), proof content and internal approval process
  • Approval process for website design
  • Training – conducted by the LGAQ, to be determined.

What is the sequence for the migration – will all council websites be migrated at the same time?

The migration schedule will differ on a council-by-council basis.

Priority will be given to councils’ public-facing websites.

Intranets are also included in the migration and will migrate following the public-facing sites.

The LGAQ will undertake a review of your council’s current websites to determine a sequence for the migration, and will work with you to determine what should be migrated.

The anticipated migration order is:

  • Window 1 – Council (corporate websites)
  • Window 2 – Intranets/ extranets
  • Window 3 – Libraries/ galleries etc
  • Window 4 – Tourism/ events etc

What is in scope for the migration?

The scope for your council’s website/s migration will be determined by the option chosen (see Migration Pathways table above).

The LGAQ will work with you to determine your council’s needs. Phone meetings and face-to-face training will be arranged in the coming weeks.

What are the new opportunities and functionality?

The Jadu CMS will provide a flexible online platform to suit the strategic requirements of your council’s digital strategy as well enable you to reach your customers on any device at any time.

Some of the key features of the CMS include:

  • No upgrades. Updates are continuously released
  • Easy to use via the non-technical WYSIWYG editor
  • Non-technical Microsite builder
  • Role-based granular access
  • Pluggable authentication
  • Versioning with audit trail and rollback
  • Friendly URLs, URL re-writer and URL slugs
  • Content scheduling
  • Workflow engine
  • Modular page builder
  • Media library with image resizing
  • Two-factor authentication with native
  • Jadu Mobile App
  • The ability to integrate with other systems using 'The Integrations Hub'

For more please refer to www.jadu.net/cms.


Do Jadu offer any other products that can help improve our council's online digital services?

  • CMS – Content Management System – Secure, flexible and sophisticated non-technical publishing solution.
  • CXM – Cloud Based CRM ‘Lite’ – Manage customer cases in real-time through chat, case management and collaboration with partners.
  • XFP – eforms and Data Capture – Intelligent forms available on all devices, providing rapid service transformation with flexible integration.
  • Personal Portals “My Account” – Authentication services to enable customers to transact through personal ‘My account’ pages, managing payments, service requests and cases easily managed from a secure dashboard.
  • Marketing and content personalisation.

For more please refer to www.jadu.net/solutions.

What happens to my current website project?

All projects scheduled to be completed in the 17/18 financial year will be finalised as per the agreed proposal, in the current platform.

Projects in the build stage will be completed in the current platform, prior to the migration.

Projects in the design stage will be assessed on an individual basis, and a decision will be made with council to determine the best migration strategy.

Your council website/s will be migrated as part of the broader migration schedule, to be discussed with your council and the LGAQ.

What if my website is not currently managed by the LGAQ?

Please contact the LGAQ to discuss your council’s needs with the digital services team.


1300 542 700

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