City of Sapphire

This design pushes the focus onto the user of your site, exploring who they are, what the purpose of their visit is, and how they can get the answers they need in a modern, engaging user experience.


Key features of the design:

Following upcoming UX design trends, this template shifts your council’s website from simply a provider of services, to an engaging and interactive experience that guides the user’s journey to find the specific information they require. Giving the user ability to streamline content to reflect their priorities or interests, creates improved efficiency when accessing information and a more personable user experience.

 The information architecture (IA) structure is created based on our research of the numerous local government audience personas. This layout enables easy interactions with, residents, visitors and business driving them to the information they’re seeking quickly and invitingly.

The “I am” content display section promotes important content to these key audiences and can be used for promotion of different types of content such as latest news, upcoming events, or project open for community consultation.


Is this design for you?

This design caters for a council with a strong and active social media presence, with the implementation of a contemporary social wall giving a snapshot of your region through your frequently updated social channels. The cleanly designed social wall can display one or multiple social media feeds seamlessly and dynamically, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube all in a visually attractive way.

Additionally, the expanded footer section of this design encourages users to continue their browsing journey by providing links to key information they may have missed and providing key contact information should the user wish to contact and engage with council.