Channel Regional Council

The Channel Regional Council design places accessibility and efficiency of information at the forefront and heart of the design. It challenges the standard website dialogs by utilising the functional aspects of the site to shape the final direction of this layout. This design embraces a ‘less is more’ approach, stripping back the site and allowing your council to feature the core elements that the community need. This site provides a compact design that utilizes space-saving grids and strategic use of expanding drop downs to allow easy access to information with limited to no scrolling required.

Our research indicates users are willing to perform multiple clicks to access information providing the user experience follows a logical pathway, without unnecessary steps, which ultimately contributes to a positive experience. Our approach is to ensure the user’s journey starts with the Information Architecture structure of the homepage and does not rely on navigating senselessly to locate the content they are seeking.


Key features of the design:

  • The banner image is appropriately sized and the right image will set off your council’s identity and give the site a unique and welcoming look.
  • An Interactive section to enable users to access key information and functions to further enhance their user journey. This condensed style allows for a lot of information to be hidden from the users view until they are wanting to interact with content, putting the user in charge of their browsing journey. This section focuses on ensuring the information you are seeking can be found in a number of different ways, whether that be via quicklinks, search bar or “I want to” content types.
  • Our tiled structure allows for promotion of content in an easy to use, but efficient and visually enticing way.
  • The “Call to Action” section provides users with snapshots of information before continuing their user journey to dedicated pages which can be used for content such as latest news, events and other information you need to find.


Is this design for you?

This design would suit a council who has a smaller top level navigation structure, as the space to show top level navigation items is limited, however a medium size navigation could easy be catered for using a mega menu or dropdown structure depending on your preferred style.

The design is completed with a slim line footer containing essential compliance information only. Social media is an optional inclusion, but not entirely necessary.