Brolga Coast Regional Council

The Brolga Regional Council template has been created for easy accessibility and for information to be cleanly displayed through a visually rich and engaging, modern design. Informative sections displaying popular links and various topic filters allow for optimized user experience and to assist users to clearly identify and locate the information they require. Inclusion of high resolution local imagery as well as community news and articles reflect the core essence that makes your region a unique place to live and visit.


Key features of the design:

The hero of this design is the large static background image to showcase your region and give the site its own unique identity. The image behind the navigation creates a warm, inviting and clean feel. Placement of text on this image allows for council to place a welcome message or an important message to engage your web visitors to the information they need to see.

The design brief for this site was to create a website for a medium size council with functional information areas to enable a positive user experience, with information that is easy to navigate with a logical flow of information.

This design would suit a council who has a small to medium navigation structure, as the navigation could be built using either a mega menu or dropdown structure depending on the preferred style of council.

The condensed tabbed content enables functional areas to make content accessible to users in an effective and efficient format.  This section is suited to council including quicklinks, search and ‘I want to’ prompt users to interact and transact with your council.

Other features include the ability to feature community or council news articles with display of a two-feature news article on the homepage and details to further the user journey if they would like to read further news articles and post.

Additionally a ‘where to now ‘ and expanded footer section promoting the user to either get in contact with council or continue browsing the site further.



  • Background image needs to be a high-quality and large size to work on all devices. This image can be changed periodically by the LGAQ via our support channel.
  • Your council would need to be happy to use the council logo inversed (white version)
  • New content needs to be updated semi-regularly to ensure the users a timely user experience


Is this design for you?

We feel that this design would suit a council who have a strong social media presence and who are predominately using one social media channel. The design allows for a social media snapshot displaying the latest three posts which is ideal for small to mid-size councils with a relatively modest social media presence.