Acacia Shire Council

This design has been created with your council and your community in mind. Councils are the community behind your community providing access to important information, news and events across your region. The design seeks to reflect these priorities, matching functional requirements of your council with a clean and modern design at the heart of this classic, but contemporary design. This more traditional layout, communicates key information in a concise but formal way and enables easy and accessible pathways for users to continue their browsing journey with ease.


Key features of the design:

  • Large promotional banner to showcase important matters in a very visual way, giving the user the ability to read on and access future information if they desire.
  • Latest news section informing the community of council news, in a graphical manner, with an image and short snapshot of information, giving the user an indication of what they can expect to find if they choose to read the full article.
  • Events section to highlight council and community events.
  • Feautred search section to enable users to filter through site content in an efficient manner.



  • For the best user experience your council would need to be producing regular (at least weekly) news releases to ensure the currency of information being displayed.
  • Your council would need to have adequate skills and resourcing to ensure that promotional banner is managed appropriately with high quality images. We would recommend that the promotion banner contains images only and does not text overlay, as this styling can become unreadable when viewing on certain devices.


Is this design for you?

This design would suit a council who has a large navigation structure, as the navigation could be built using either a mega menu or dropdown structure depending on the preferred style of council.

We feel that this design would suit a council where their social media presence is not the primary focus of council, but can still interact with these channels if they choose.